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Dreaming of 2 wheels

So being quarantined has its advantages…. I guess. Did catch up on all of the back issues of Bike, Bicycling, DirtRag, Mountain Bike, Mountain Bike Action, Velo News, Mountain Flyer and ….. that I had collected over the deployment season; some new, some not so new… I thought some things were amiss till I checked the date. Got a lot of ideas running in my head, anybody up for some endurance events? (Matt…cough cough) 18 Hours of Fruita, 24 hrs of E-Rock? Did E-Rock last year with some friends from work and got the itch. Now comes the fitness part. Fun for this year, perhaps more serious next season but always fun…..if you like that kind of misery.

Back to the point, dreaming of getting the heck outta here and on to my bikes (and seeing the ya babe!) So 300+ people have left in the last few days so the internet is back up to an agreeable speed. eBay is dangerously wonderful thing, keeping my eyes out for a “new” hardtail. Been thinking i need to up my bike monkey wrench skills and build up my own. not exactly the cheapest option when I start to look at but it always about the experience, right? SRAM or XT; Steel, Aluminum, or Carbon frame; 29er or even single speed? The only decision that I have made so far is I need a new rear shock for the Blur. The 5th Element is a pain and keeps losing pressure. From all of the blogs and forums that I have scoured, sounds like my next purchase will be a Fox RP23.

Found some cycling pics from when I first got the Nikon, trying it out in the basement of all places. As I find more, might post them. Hoping to be an active observer at some of the Colorado Summer events, enjoying the opportunity of being a budding photo hobbiest in all that Colorado has to offer.

Hopefully flying tomorrow….. yee-haw. Going to go drool in some of the bike shops on Manchester St. in Christchurch. “Oi!!!! No licking the bikes please!”

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