A fair chunk of folks know that I am a bicycle nut to a fair degree.  I remember one of my first bikes being a used Schwinn StingRay that my Grandpa Pat bought me when I was barely old enough to even get a leg over it.  In the early-80’s the BMX craze saw to the demise of the banana seat, sissy bar and ape hanger handle bars and it became a retrofitted BMX with Dad’s help. I had that bike until sometime into the Farmington era.  At the Laguna street house, I found a “bona-fide” BMX bike left in the weeds.  After some TLC, the two of us were everywhere; back lot jumps, the BMX track, Joey’s Bicycles Unlimited Shop, etc.

About Jr High time frame, mountain bikes were starting to become popular.  After a number of summer’s in the Anasazi Pageant production, I had saved enough for my first mountain bike, A Specialized Rockhopper.  The $500 price tag in Durango shop was a wee bit of a shock to the parental units.  Thus it started, my bikes began to cost more than my automobiles.

Some folks remember significant events, girlfriends… I remember my bikes.  I kept the Rockhopper clear through college.  My 2 years working at GardenSwartz Spotrz saw the “aquisition” of the Ralighe M-500, the shortlived Alpinestar (should not have sold it..nor bought it for that matter) and then the long lived frankenstein of the bunch, the smokin’ pro-deal, my GT avalanche 2.0. Still have it, hanging in the garage waiting to go to Matt’s house in a few weeks to add to the chaos of moving.

The herd continues to grow….  Julie and I finally got around to replacing our road bikes that were unfortuntely stolen from the apartment.  She surprised me with a jump to clipless pedals this time around.  Its so cool when she wants to get out for a ride!  i hate riding alone. So she scored a 47cm Bianchi Forza at a local year end closeout. Hard to find a good bike in her size. She misses her Sequioa but is surviving on the Forza. The transition to the clipless pedals has seen very little of the anticiapted crashes, only witnessed one when she forgot to clip out at a road crossing. With the advent of spring in the air and warmer temps, by nose began to sniff for a new road bike. Did some research and found myself at Treads Bicycle Shop (they have a coffee shop on location – Brilliant!). Finally took the time to get a good fitting and a bike that fits my riding style. 3.5 hours later, Julie is relieved to see me at the register and finalizing the specs. The lucky steed of choice? A Specialized Roubaix Pro Triple. Kind of sexy sounding…I call it “X”, relating the carbon cross fibers in the frame that shine in the sunlight. The whole shebang weighs in (with pedals and cages) at 18.7 pounds. MS 150 is coming up in July with Julie’s dad, trying to get some base miles down for that and have time for me arse to break into the new seat.

Also joined the gang at work for the 24 hours of E-Rock race, coming up June 1 & 2!! Basically a team relay race that lasts 24 hours. Should be fun. Alas, feeling tired and going to retire. Need my sleep, group ride Thursday, solo on Friday (unless there are any takers), E-Rock course recon on Saturday and another work gang ride 0800 Sunday. Its tough living in Colorado; too many choices!


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