Hey Howdy Everyone.  Most of you know me but there are a few folks that have received forwards from friends and family (most likely my mother) about my time on “the Ice”.

 The Ice – Yes, the Antarctic continent, bottom of the world. 1.4 times larger than the lower 48 States.  I work for Raytheon Polar Services as their Environmental Health and Safety Sr. Lead.  Think OSHA, EPA and FEMA and that would suffice the line up of what I basically do.  It all started in April 2000, just before graduation from Colorado State when I applied for a contract job as the South Pole Station EH&S Coordinator.  12 months continuously at “Pole” and some time back in Denver at the home office (pre and post deployment) and I thought I was done with the program and swore to never return.  There were bells tolling in the distance when I uttered those un-prophetic words.  I returned as a Full Time employee in late 2003 and have spent on average, 5.5 months a year “living” in Antarctica, including another winter.  After numerous sporadic mass e-mail distributions of “Ice Tales” I figured it was time that I let people see what’s happening at their convenience. So check back periodically and I will fill ya’ll in on Life down South. 

Since it is still summer, I will more than likely practice my blogging skills with some of my normal Colorado Adventures.  I “missed” last summer wintering at McMurdo so I have a lot of catching up to do in my opinion.  With a few new bicycles added to our stable, there will be some grand pictures with many rides planned and a few long trips with the extended family and friends.


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