Taking Time in Tokyo

Well, sitting here enjoying the Asahi “beer machine” in the NWA lounge at Tokyo Narita airport, waiting yet again for another connection to somewhere.  Looks like Honolulu this time…. tsukarata desu! (I’m tired)

After reading through a number friends’ blogs, I happen to remember that I started something similar a year ago, I think I have managed 7 posts since then.  Guess I am not that intertwined with a digital lifestyle though I have been making more calls on Skype, really good rates compared to the hotel and I can never remember my calling card info.  Call me crazy but there are other things that I would enjoy doing other than sitting in front of the computer, seriously missing the bike after reading another post from the Lyon’s Redstone Cyclery blog. Death March Dave rides again…..

Oh, yeah…. in Tokyo, was in Okinawa for a week doing some audits at a number of the military installations.  Seriously need to get fingerprinted for my access card, tired of having to get in and out of those tiny little cars every bloody time, not mention the 20 year old at the gate weidling some chest mounted CQB automatic.  Did not get out much at all thanks to Typhoon Sinlaku. We were supposed to get nailed, then it shifted and left us with drenching rains, so much for sight seeing but made for some nice runs to cool off after work (mental and physical).  Really americanized so not the “Karate Kid 2” expereince that I was hoping for (minus the girl and a fight to the death) culturally.  I did get adopted briefly by a bunch of locals who work on base who were at the sushi joint just off base.  Forgot how drunk and touchy-feely they get but thats the Japanese… be forewarned!

Just got word, most likely South Korea for November.  “All of it?”  “Ummm…yes dear.” “We’re never going to get pregnant.”  At least thats how the conversation is playing out in my mind and the anticipated comments to bear.  We shall see.

No real pics this trip other than some documented work photos.  Perhaps one of the Japanese construction people in the hakama style work pants….


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