Moved on…Sort of

Well, Not with Raytheon Polar anymore.  I had a chance to go work with CH2M Hill in their Govt Facilities and Infrastructure group.  Lateral move but has tons of opportunity to expand, especially travel.  Odd thing is that right now I am sitting At Summit Camp on the Greenland icecap.  Guess its hard to escape.  At least I am not a stranger to these folks, 8 other folks from down South are up here “chasing summer”….. sure thing Jake.

Thinking of changing the blog a bit to more towards Matt’s suggested of tagging me with a GPS Chip and starting “Where the heck is Ryan this time?”  We shall see.  Till then, some pics of Greenland and Summit.

Laters – Ryan

Greenland Locals

Greenland LocalsMusk Ox Crossing

Ice Crystals

Ice Crystals

The Big House

The Big House


1 Response to “Moved on…Sort of”

  1. 1 Matthew Artz July 28, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    So what’s your long/lat right now? I’ll look you up on Google Earth. 😉

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