Humor from Weather

Well Ladies and Gents, freedom is close but not quite yet. I will measure this week in small increments as it seems to inch closer to a date that I can actually leave.

So let’s start from last Thursday, finally back to feeling human after suffering from the infamous McMurdo “Crud”, a viral respiratory infection that makes it swath through the community all season long. That had me slowed down pretty hard for 5 days. Friday was OK but felt tired and went home at lunch for a good nap. Woke up 7 hours later and by early Saturday morning I was full on into the flu symptoms. A visit to medical resulted in getting swabbed for flu tests (I think they about hit my eye ball), a positive hit for maverick strains of not only A but B as well and to top it all off 3 liters of IV fluid. Did I mention I am not a fan of needles. So for the last 5 days I have been quarantined to my room and pumped with Tamiflu. Lovely to say the least, the first 3 were spent passed out but the other 2 were long and slow. Still not 100 percent but good enough to be catching up on work, thankfully just updates and no screaming monkeys. Way too many rounds of Solitaire but at least i am caught up on some of magazine reading. (which in hind site…really up’d the anxiety level to leave here and get back home to Julie and the bikes…)

As to actually leaving here; (insert nervous laugh); we are still waiting to see. I was originally bumped due to quarantine but am now back on the manifest for the ACH053 flight north on the 21st. Problem is ACH052 is already a day delayed thanks to weather yesterday and canceled again today, which kills us since its a “bluebird” day outside. Guess the weather forecasters back in Charleston do not have the luxury of a window office. Wonder if March Madness has started and there was a big game? We have noticed some correlations between big sporting events and flight delays. So the CHC travel office folks are busy booking and re-booking everyones (350+) hotels and airlines…god bless ’em. Current outlook is that I leave MCM on the 22nd (Happy Birthday Matt!) and fly CONUS on the 23rd.

Somewhat local weather Sat ImageContinent view

That’s the battle plan so far but we are getting reports of another spiraling low coming our direction. Amazing how many people become meteorologists during this time. My personal favorite – Weather Underground –


Guess we shall just wait and see.




1 Response to “Quarantine”

  1. 1 Matthew Artz February 21, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    Hey amigo – sorry to hear about the quarantine. Sucks to feel bad when you’re away from home. Especially sucks because it’s looking like another two weeks before I get to see you (since I’m off to Brazil on the 24th). All the same, thanks for the birthday wishes and I’ll do my best to get the bike (and my lazy rear end) in shape for some of those summer endurance rides!!

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