Self Portrait

Finally had an evening where I was not needing to crank out or review a stack documents (mucho thanks to whomever decided to cancel the conference call).

Popped the top on a new favorite, Monteith’s Honey Spiced Summer Ale (has a good ginger bite!) and set into pulling up the massive vacation files. I shot mostly on Fine setting so pics are 4.5 MB each. Some I did in RAW in hopes of rescuing some fortunate timing shots with some color control. Time to knock copies of ’em down in size so they will actually load. Vacation is a heck of time to try and learn a new camera (Nikon D40X), still struggling with some washouts with the Antarctic ice and snow, getting there but not fast enough. Getting a bit nervous, just remembered that my sister asked if i would shoot some pics of her wedding weekend this Labour Day weekend in Ouray. As they say, practice!

Anyhoo…. updated the photos in the web gallery – link on the photo tab. New floral pics in the Christchurch file. One of these days I will be up early or late enough to catch some of the softer light. I always seem to find myself cussing the mid-day sun. That and become proficient at blogging; going to follow Matt’s lead and try the photoblogger to to inspire what creative juices I might have. I thought it would be a nice “fast way” to communicate to the masses (thanks Mom) but the connection here with 1146 people on a T1 line is a bit of a practice in patience. The Navy Longshoremen are finally working so that frees up some of the heavy users from the past week.

Station is winding down, air turned harsh(er) with the arrival of the Supply vessel, heralding the end of another frantic season on the ice. Here is to the frickin’ end of season….

See all y’all in a few weeks time.

US Navy Truck


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