Back at it again

So here I am, sitting in my chilly office, hands half numb and the backhoe scratching away at frozen rock literally outside the back door. **sigh….. Yep, back in MCM after an incredible time with Jules in New Zealand. (see pictures from the photo tab) Small price to pay I guess for not having to pay for my plane ticket.

Looking back at my blog, I realize what time has passed since I have done anything with it other than the photos. Perhaps it is the mis-content of being on the ice, the same politics, the end of season weariness that seems to push thoughts astray at this time of year; etc etc etc. Even more so now upon my return. Perhaps its getting time for me to up and move; not quite sure yet. Money is good for just a BS education (and they pulled tuition assistance in prep for handing over the contract), office with a window, just bought a house, paid off the truck but then I think about where my heart is wanting to be. Sure as hell not here!! Finally find myself not in a position where I can move as freely as I was once used too. There comes a point… just have not found a safe place to jump to. Wind Energy possibilites are coming around…. Budweiser is looking for an EH&S Mgr. in Ft. Collins. (yeah, I know some of you might wince but they have the environmental and occupational stewardship that I have come to know)

In happier notes, some good ice friends have become engaged while here. Pic of Karen and Tighe (Ty – the happy couple) and myself the other evening. Still sunny and in the mid +20’s, it was Saturday night and I was still trying to figure out how to not wash out photographs with the sky and ice. mcm-friends.jpg

Lastly, great friends Matt and Julie Artz ( continually inspire me to expand my thoughts and worries outside of the ice and home. Julie recently posted a link to a music video based on a speech by Barack Obama. Never in my life have I really given 2 cents towards politics but this, this video lifted my eyes and had my attention….something, someone that I actually have a hope in that can make a change. Perhaps its generational appeal or the the choice of media exposure, it made a difference….yes, we can.


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