Janitor Bingo!!!

Zach Drilling

Seal and Diver 

Hagglund and Apple 

Hoi!  Exciting times are to be had at MCM station these days.  The other night was janitor bingo and let me tell you…. darn near a riot for the last and final prize.  What could that item be?  Freshies? Naw…getting those now.  A ticket out of here? Nope…who wants to leave this paradise.  Think hard….. well, hard had a notion of a hint to it.  Give up?  Charmin ultra soft TP and not just a roll; a whole 12 pack!  Oh what heaven that must be to be a “Distinguished Visitor” down here and receive your own special package of the comforts of home.  While the rest of us get stuck with single ply cardboard on a roll, our one trip wonders relish in the pure plushness of Charmin.  Curse the man who came as a mummy a few Halloweens ago as to the oblivion of what his costume meant to the rest of us.

Sigh, well…that sums up the fervor of the week.  I was ecstatic to finally get our Coordinator in to aid in the myriad of duties that I currently keep the hubcaps on for but find myself somewhat back in the hole with the loss of my South Pole person not able to come down.  The MCM Coordinator got a rare treat in that she now gets time at the South Pole. (yes… its very rare to get to Pole if you were originally a McMurdoite. Back to square one but I did feel like I got past “GO” and recieved great work out of her for the short week that she was in MCM.  The trials of personnel management.

Photos for the week:  1)Sea Ice training for those that have the opportunity to travel off of our established roads.  Given that we travel on frozen sea ice, we must be able to profile cracks as we find them in order to know how big they really are and if they are safe enough to drive over.  Zach is shown here drilling to find the final depth to the ocean below. 2) A hagglund hauling an emergency shelter out onto the sea ice.  Mt Erebus in the background (smoking volcano) and the shelters are aptly nicknamed “Apples”.  3) A diver waits for a seal to leave the dive hole so they can dive.  Antarctic Conservation laws prohibit us from interfering with wildlife behavior, even if they decide to take a nap in one of our man-drilled dive holes.

 That’s the news from way down under.  Last sunset this weekend.




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