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So I go to take a shower and notice the shower curtain is not swinging open.  A good-n-hard early morning dis-gruntled yank breaks the curtain free only to reveal that last night’s shower splash has frozen into little droplets.  I stop to listen and yes, I can hear the flagging flapping in the wind outside the window.  With hopes that the pipe is also not frozen, I blast the floor with hot water from the shower head.  Ahhhh….now I can start my morning.

So Mainbody is here.  The galley is a source of stress for some of us who had grown accustomed to the easy pace of WINFLY.  We have gone from “which table do I want to sit at” to “is there space anywhere?!?”  Thankfully the time seems to be screaming by.  Its a lot like Bill Murray’s Groundhogs Day; Same people asking the same questions with the same answers; usually “….No” and the Galley food is back on rotation.  Saturday night is Italian night and every 13 days its Basque Chicken and Tuna Melts.  Think this year I am losing weight out of sheer boredom. is a link for a “penguin cam” that you might be able to catch some “live penguin action” on as the penguins return to the rookery near the hut.

In other Antarctic factoid, our annual sea ice runway is 74″ thick.  It can support the C-17 fully loaded (519,000 lbs) and still have 60,000 to spare.  This means we can get more cargo on per flight which is a good cost savings and means there is more opportunity for the mail and freshies! Waiting to sink my teeth into an apple!

That’s the scoop from la-la land today….. Cheers!


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  1. 1 prudence October 14, 2007 at 12:06 am

    So your shower curtain freezing…makes me like I shouldn’t complain that it’s 69 degrees and cloudy. I’m a wimp…I’m curled up in my bed…

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