Environmental Boondoggle

Mt. Erebus and Castle Rock

Kodiak Snow Blowers

Sea Icescape

Rewarding view

Finally a chance to get off station after a hectic few opening weeks!!  One of our SAR team members was out putting some hours on one of the Tuckers and noticed some barrels that have become evident on the hillside on the Castle Rock recreation loop.  Being the only “Environmental” person on station, I declared a need for some remediation efforts.  With the help from some of the folks from the Waste department (yes…garbage men and women in Antarctica) and the Field Safety guru, we loaded chippers, sledges and shovels into a Piston Bully and off we went to re-claim the drums.  The buggers were obviously frozen in many years of ice.  Looks like they had been welded together to form a giant “deadmans” anchor.  We ignored the blowing nip at our cheeks and stayed plenty warm swinging away at the ice until we were finally able to pry the whole thing loose.  Once the drums were loaded on the sledge, we took a second to look over the ridge and north across the sea ice and the setting sun.  Always a site to behold.

Yes, the sun is making its way back.  I now get straight sunlight in my back office window for a few mintues a day as it passes through a saddle between the hills.  The runway and cargo apron are out of the shadows of the hills so they are ahead of schedule.  The Kodiak snow blowers continue shooting plumes of snow and the graders follow to shape the loosened ice and snow into rows for pushing.

The view from the office is nice and reminds us that “craziness is coming” starting October 2nd.

Enjoy the pics.  Also included is a view of Castle Rock and the worlds southern most active volcano, Mt. Erebus. (yeah, sorry Mom, forgot to mention that we share the island with an actively smoking, open magma pool volcano)


1 Response to “Environmental Boondoggle”

  1. 1 Robert Fenton October 7, 2007 at 11:36 pm

    Pretty sweet blog you have here.

    Looks like you’ve made quite the life for yourself–very cool.


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