“The solar flare ate my ATM card!”

C-17 Cargo plane

Fire truck

Cargo Delta

Well, not really ate it but indirectly denied my request for some beverage money.  As with all small nuiances here on the ice, solar flares do cause some moments of inconvenience.  Since our communications systems are satellite based, the occasional helious flare does present a slight delay or interupption.  I had recevied the warnings in the e-mail about internet disruptions happening around noon and such but was not thinking about it. On my way to the galley, I realized that I actually had my wallet on me and thus my ATM card. Yes, ATM in McMurdo, 2 in fact. (ones is a backup) So as I am reqesting funds, the card is a no go and panic sets in for a second in that my trusty piece of plastic has finally bit the dust, in Antarctica, and there are no planes for at least a month. That means no cash…which means…GASP!…no Saturday nights out.  Oh the injustice!  In sheer desperation, I re-insert the card and low and behold, a connection was made!  Rising from my penetant position, I collected my larger than normal disbursement and headed for lunch.

Life is odd at times, perceptions and priorities change while I am here.  Some things which may be odd to all of you would hardly earn the bat of an eye after a while.  So as I thought of what’s weird about living here, one happened to drive by. (referring to the vehicle but the occupants were not too far off either)  Above are a few pictures of strange vehicles in Antarctica and a plane that lands on a runway made of ice.  That sounds safe….

Enjoy!  I am going to run to dinner before this ramshackle of a building/ office heaves again in the wind.



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